Vintage Classic Trucks

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Vintage Gladiator
1. Founded by Charlie Romero & Matt Rampy

2. Vintage Classic Trucks was founded in 2017 to bring new vision to the restoration of classic trucks & automobiles.

3. We are dedicated to the heritage and pure Americana of classic trucks in both civilian and military form. The unique toughness and expanded capabilities of the vehicles created for our Military reimagined in civilian form. Adding modern thinking & engineering to brilliant vehicles. Our first restoration is of the highly capable M715 created by Kaiser Jeep.

4. Meticulous restoration coupled with modern engineering and refinement create truly incredible dynamica vehicles which remaind true to their heritage and fully embrace their DNA. We make modifications to update the trucks performance, aesthetics and modern day useability in an attempt to optimize its strengths while preserving the essence and magic of the original.

Please explore our website to discover more about Vintage Classic Trucks. Our first design study will be presented in the Fall of 2017.

If you're restoring your classic M715 and are looking for take-off parts please visit out online store. M715 Parts

As always, thank you to those who serve and who have served. God bless America!